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Our next Auction will be the held on the SATURDAY THE 22nd April. This auction is going to be one of the best with a great selection of gear. This is the first part part from 2 private Museums. Ray Becroft from Benella and Jack Whyte from Wagga Wagga along with other vendors.It is all to go and you will not be disappionted, you will go home with something that is just perfect for you collection

 Viewing will be start at 8.00 am day of sale with Auction starting at 10.00 am   Catalogues are available either on line at this page by following this link Blokey April 22nd 2017 or by contacting John on 0433247438 or Ross 03 5780 1234 All picture of the items in this auction can be viewed 

           HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE...


Our Next Auction will be Saturday 22nd April at Flowerdale hall viewing will start at 8.00am with auction starting at 10.00



Viewing  8.00 am
Start 10.00 am



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